Who are you?

I’m Holly Barker- When intro’ing myself I always lead with entrepreneur.  Everything I do and have done since graduating with a business degree and a major in finance has been entrepreneurial.  And this title is something I am in love with, proud of and daily inspired by.  I can and will always improve upon this description. 

But on the daily basis, Holly Barker is a lot of things.  She is a motivator, a fitness advocate, an influence in the fitness, life, motivational, entertainment space, she is a writer, a creator a model and a lover of living all opportunities that this life offers. 

Where are you from?

I am born, raised, educated and entrepreneured in canada.  I grew up on a farm in a very rural community, I traveled to Saskatoon for my education and started my businesses in Regina before moving from the province of Saskatchewan to British Columbia where I opened 3 more businesses and have now in the last 8 months have transitioned full time to Los Angeles.

What do you do?

A day in the life looks very random and never the same.  This is what I’ve dreamed of and worked towards.  To be self motivated and executed and in charge of my bottom line.  I have a big team of people that make every day of mine possible.  In a nutshell I own and help with operations in my canadian business and I influence @hollsbarksfitness with multiple brands and companies.

What challenges  did you have to go through?

I have gone through any and every challenge you could imagine.  As a business owner, you are constantly humbled.  Especially when scaling businesses, managing products, people, public.  The newest business i am part owner of is a new venture where the previous 4 were franchises.  New ventures are a complete different beast.  Every day is a learning curve and opportunity for growth and lessons to move forward from.  I love it!  I have had failing ventures, I have had opportunities that i have failed at, I have had no’s at every turn.  In the influence space, when you are your brand, your product and you are responsible for how you relay a message to your audience, those that believe in you…you don’t want to let them down.  I’ve had the opportunity to work with amazing people, corporations, influencers, products…you name it! And you stick your neck out every time. You succeed and perform, but sometimes that message is lost or the affiliation doesn’t work.  And that’s ok!  Everything is a lesson.  Every failure is an opportunity for growth.  Every no gets you closer to your yes.  As long as you are continuously authentic to you, you don’t lose and the challenges only help you develop who you are that much more.

What challenges do you still battle regularly?

The past year has been the biggest challenge I have faced in my entire life.  I have transitioned my life and have taken the biggest steps of growth as myself as an independent woman in my life.  Every day has been a challenge. But every day is my choice and a result of my choice to take risks.  I am effervescent in my adventure and am grateful for the gift of difficult circumstances.


Even with the following challenges that you face, how did/do you over come it –

every day fitness is a part of my life.  Health and movement, music and positive influence drive me.  It’s a feeling i chase that results in my smile.  As long as I can smile daily, I know that I will persevere through whatever life challenges me to.  Life has challenged me a lot lately, but it’s only because I’m asking it for more.

Share how you will continue to do what you do –

I will execute and ask the question every single day.  Ask for the opportunity. Ask for the chance. Ask for the result.  Ask for feedback, for criticism. And I will continue to share how I continue to search for the lessons that lead me towards my next.  For me, there is no end result.  Life is a continuation so without a specific expectation of a result, I am able to be fluid and become my greatest self.

How you want to make a positive impact?

I am a motivator.  I believe my superpower is belief.  I believe that whatever we want to achieve, we set a plan in place and execute.  And ultimately the universe delivers what we ask of it….asking in the sense that we believe it, we act in that manor without entitlement, without vindictive behaviour, without taking anything away from anyone else. By leading uniquely and adding to abundant opportunity. 


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